White Hat SEO: Optimize A Site Legitimately

White hat SEO refers to the integrity of webmasters’ exercise towards Google terms of service and industry-standard practice while ranking a website in Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

I mentioned Google for an obvious reason, Google is literally dominating the industry. White hat, Gray Hat, and Black Hat are the three terms that webmasters use worldwide to refer to practice behind the search engine optimization effort. 

Black hat SEO is just opposite of what you read about white hat SEO and the Gray Hat SEO is in the middle. An ideal example of black hat SEO would be to pay to another site or blog about referring your website by posting your site URL somewhere in their content.

However, Google does not like it at all as the other site is not referring to your website because of your quality of content, they are doing it for money. I am sure you already got an idea of what is black hat SEO refers to as. 

Now let me add a little more detail to this blog about white hat SEO.

Now that you have come to my blog to read about SEO I assume you are trying to learn how to organically rank your site in SERP and I just said ORGANICALLY!
What I mean by that is when you try to make your site so good for a particular query that google displays your site on the first page of results. 

White Hat SEO Examples

In order to optimize your site, you need to communicate with Google in such a way that Google learns what is your content is all about. The title, body text, image, video, meta, all device friendly, and many more small elements give Google an overall picture of your content structure.


The title of the page is what tells the crawling robot, known as Googlebot, what is this page about. So the title of a page “home”, for example, does not tell Google what is the contents about. Match your title that best describes your page.

Title image

Body Text

The body text is one of the very important factors that Googlebot likes because it gives a broader perspective about the focused keywords. Try not to make them short or too long, I strongly recommend making them informative, relevant, easily readable, and useful.

body text image 1

Actually, you can make it really long if you think your words are absolutely adding value to your readers’ objective. Never try to put the focus keywords where it is not relevant, rather try to stay focused on the keyword.


No, Google can not see what is on the image but google can read the ALT TEXT. A description of the image is a must and tag the text with relevant keywords.

SEO Image


Again Google can not lough watching a video you have to try to make the Googlebot laugh with the Alt Text the same way you do for images.

Alt Tag


Meta is a 160 character long description that appears under a title and URL when you search something on Google. Google can collect that meta description from the body text but Googlebot can not correct it.

Meta tag image

Therefore, you should write the meta description while you are adding a page in your WordPress dashboard by yourself. Remember to be very focused and precise about keywords.

All Device Friendly

Search engines like sites that can be easily surfed in any device. Don’t get caught up with a paid them where the theme is not responsive to all the devices. 

Responsive Web Design

How Google Search Engine Works?

By now you already know a bit about search engine optimization (SEO). I do believe if you are trying to optimize a site you need to understand how exactly search engine works.

Unfortunately, this blog is not about how the search engine work but it is impossible to understand SEO without knowing something about how search engine filters websites. Well… I just decided to make this blog a bit more longer. 

Google search engine

Google is the best because engineers developed a smart software that crawls through all the contents of all the websites published and named it Googlebot. Google then makes a library of all these websites by its content category.

When there is a query on Google search panel Google displays that library and ranks all the sites based on the relevancy to the query. I just summarized Google’s more than 200 algorithms like Panda, Pigeon, and Penguin. I know it is not possible to explain all of the algorithms but at least I tried.

Okay, stop!

Do not try to find Google’s algorithms just yet, they never actually revealed them. I promise I will write more about these algorithms on a later post.

Till then, stay out of Covid-19. 

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