Web Development in 2020

Web Development in 2020

In the year 2007 when I first thought about having a website of my own. Quickly realized, I am not that good of a math student who can learn to code.

Sounds like a joke, right?

No, I am not joking! I really thought that having an advanced degree in coding or computer language is a must to have my own dream website. Time has changed, now we have knowledge god google.com who has an answer for all; well not all to be exact.

We also have youtube.com where you can just write how to change blinker fluid and trust me you still get content, maybe a funny content for this one. And last but not the least, we have websites like namecheap.com where you can search any crazy word and see if that domain is available or not and get a hosting as well.

namecheap.com is one of the many domain and hosting sellers in the market like godaddy.com and many others.

If You Are Wondering What Is A Domain And Hosting?

A domain is a set of alphabets or a set of numbers that you combine together to make a website that shows on the top bar of a web browser and hosting is a tough mathematical algorithm.

Domain name image
Fastiv, Ukraine – October 19, 2011: Facebook social network main page close-up in the browser window.

I AM DEFINITELY JOKING NOW… Let’s get serious for a moment, a domain is a name of a website and hosting is where your website lives. Let’s say your name is Sam, you live in Brooklyn, NY and you are a stockbroker.

Now your client who wants to buy a penny stock needs to know your name to find you but does he really care where do you live? No, all she cares is your name what she has been looking for some time but it is true that you need a place to live because no one will find a homeless broker.

I think i really stretched it too much to describe domain and hosting.

Purpose Of A Website

The purpose of a website can be anything, I remember there was a time when people did not know why a website is needed. A website costs money to build and be sure that no one spends a dollar on website if they do not have a purpose and the purpose is to make money in return.

In order to make sure you can actually monetize your website and generates revenue for a while you first need to ask yourself a question “how I can serve my customer through my website?”. I am sure you will never spend money on anything that you do not like. Similarly, your targeted customers will not spend money if they do not like your website.

What I Call A Perfect Website

You can build a website about anything you want. Jeff Bezos build amazon.com, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg made facebook.com and Steve Jobs created apple.com. Nop… Steve Jobs did not develop the apple website but whoever developed all these successful websites has one thing in common which is satisfying consumer experience.

good website

A perfect website provides all the information to consumers about what they are looking for. Most of the online shopping process starts with a query in google; let’s say the query is “iPhone 11 review”. google.com suggests the best websites that can possibly serve what the query intent is.

You decide to click on a page from the first page of Google and you found everything on that page helpful, useful, quick and it had every pros-n-cons that you never thought you need to know. At one point you see a button saying “check today’s price” you click on it and takes you to a site where you can buy the phone.

I call that a perfect affiliate website because that site provides you with all you needed to know and converted a confusing buyer into a confident buyer.

A Regular Website Vs A Good Website

A regular website is nothing but a website that anyone can develop by clicking on the namecheap.com link and get a namecheap hosting and go live. Whereas, a good website is where you put a strategy behind the process. The strategy of a website answers a set of questions. The questions are:

What do I want to do with this website? I want to sell used shoes, for instance. Do not try this…

Who am I targeting? and define the characteristics of your potential buys.

What content do i need to satisfy their need?

How am i going to convert them into sell?

Once you have all of these answers ready go ahead and implement. But remember having a regular website is like opening a store in your backyard. Having a good website is like store at the back row of a shopping mall and a good website that is properly optimized is like the apple store in the front row at a big mall.

The optimization of a website is not easy to do unless you spend a lot of money on google ads. It is rather cheaper and more effective to get organic traffic if you can rank your website with your content and user experience not with money alone. Search Engine Optimizers usually do it for yourself like whitehatwebmasters.com.

Cost of Making Your Own Website

namecheap.com Domain – $8.99/yr

namecheap.com Hosting – $17.28/yr

SSL – $3.88

Envato Theme – $59.99

Content – $20 per 1000 words

IDX (If Needed) – $80-$120/mo

Hope i gave you a general idea how to start creating your own website…

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