How To Hire An SEO?

How To Hire An SEO?

Does SEO work like magic overnight? The answer is NO, it doesn’t. It’s a process that ensures sustainable growth and to improve the entire searcher experience. If you’re seeking an answer on how to hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), I would like to share advice to help you.

You will also understand how to prevent hiring a bad SEO, one you might pay a lot of money without any constructive result. Even more, one who implements outdated practices on your website that results in a reduction in search ranking.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization as well. If you want long term success, your SEO shouldn’t focus on any quick magical trick only to rank you number one. It is important to note that SEO is just as important as the quality of your product or service in your business.

Successful SEOs put your best foot forward so that it ranks appropriately, in the spot where a buying potential customer would like to see your site. A successful SEO also looks to improve the entire searcher experience, from the search result to potential conversions. A good SEO will suggest a search-friendly site whether your customers are using a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

One basic rule in the majority of cases is doing well for SEO is also going good for your online customers. Like a mobile-friendly website, good navigation and building a great brand.

Yet thinking about how to hire an SEO?

How to hire an SEO

Let’s have a look at the General SEO Hiring Process:

  • Check whether they’re genuinely interested in you and your business.
  • Check whether they only focus on search engine ranking.
  • Ask for an SEO audit.
  • Take your decision.

Let’s break this down.

A good SEO will be interested to know how your product and service is unique and valuable to your customer. They will ask to know about your current audience & the traffic source. They should ask how your business earns money & how search can enhance it.

Whether you’re using any other channels such as offline advertising or social media marketing they would be interested to know. High-quality SEO will identify your competitors to understand how they do well online or in other channels.

If the SEO doesn’t seem interested to understand your business considering all the above, I would suggest you look elsewhere! or you can contact

It’s difficult to do SEO simply focusing on ranking. Without knowing the business goal and market ranking will not sustain for long. A good SEO never seems to begin with a few shortcut methods. Don’t pay a lot of money only to get ranked in search engines.

Give them restricted access to view your analytical data to conduct an SEO audit to give you a list that what they think they should improve. In the audit, an SEO should list the issues along with suggested improvement and an estimate on overall investment.

SEO should provide you with keyword improvement ideas such as updating outdated content, improving internal linking, and a few more. Your best article might not be located on the right page or too far from the landing page.

Your potential SEO will figure out to link those internally. It’s good if they are interested in increasing social media networking to attract more people.

A good SEO would offer you the most improvement with sustainable growth. That improvement may take a long time but helps grow in the long term.

So what would you do if someone promises you instant rankings overnight? Hope you have discovered the right answer on how to hire an SEO.

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