11 Best Questions About Domain Authority

11 Best Questions About Domain Authority

Domain Authority is one of the most frequently searched questions by beginners in the SEO industry. For the experts, it is an expensive experiment.

If you are in the SEO industry you have definitely added DA to your read list or at some point in your career. Here in this article, I have answered some common questions that are useful for both beginners and for experts as well. I am sure I won’t disappoint you.

What is Domain Authority?  

Domain Authority is a score that represents how likely a website may rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Domain Authority score is published on a scale of one to 100.

A new social media website will have a score of 1 and Facebook is 96 for example.  

If you are a beginner in this industry, Domain Authority is the “DA” column on a free SEO tool where you may have searched for your favorite website already.

The image below displays the Domain Authority results for facebook.com in smallseotools.

Domain Authority result tool

Which represents …nah…wait, before I discuss any further, I want to show you a definition.

Moz Domain Authority Defination

This image above defines Domain Authority with such simple words and MOZ can do that because DA is their invention. It is important to understand that DA does not compare your lead generation website with Amazon.

Let me explain…

It is designed to compare competitors with similar profiling. A very good example uses by Moz is that DA compares puppy with another puppy and shows you a result, it does not compare between a puppy and a big trained dog.  

What is Good Domain Authority?

Good domain authority ranges between 50 to 60.  As I have already discussed that 1 being the lowest and 100 is the highest as a DA score. The chart below describes the ranges of DA and what they represent.

1-39Below AverageEasy
60-100ExcellentVery Hard

It is logarithmic scale which means, it is easy to jump from 10 to 20 but it is much harder to jump from 75-80. The higher the DA score the harder it gets to boost the DA.

DA score in moz
Moz Domain Authority Checker

Here in the picture, you can see the DA of google.com is Excellent and without any doubt, it is very hard to compete against Google.

How do I Find Domain Authority?

The only way you can find the domain authority score is by using the SEO tools online. There are several tools available in the market such as

Search result for DA checker
search result of SEO tools in Google

Stop! You just need one

All of the websites offer you services to let you check DA for some time for free but after a certain time, they expect you to buy their subscription which is absolutely worth it. Not to mention, if you are trying to stay in this industry for a long time.

And if you have a website for any other kinds of business but SEO, I would recommend not spending $150 on a tool that you might not use that much.

**I would rather hire an SEO like whitehatwebmasters.com who will use all of the SEO tools necessary and also are experts on them.

Does Domain Authority Matter?

Yes, Domain Authority matters in most cases. Domain authority represents the link profile of a website which is represented in a score to show how well your website is doing when it comes to user-friendliness.

Your anchor text, outbound links, referral links all of these combined shows that your website has a rich link profile which may lead to good user experience and we all know that getting rank on Google is the piece of the pie that everybody wants in this industry.

DA is widely used among the search engine optimization (SEO) industry for competitive analysis. The way you increase your web traffic is by beating your competitors, and to outrank your competitors you need to know what is their DA.   

Why My Domain Authority is 0?

If you have just published a brand-new website, you do not need to go use any software to figure out your DA because it is 1. And if your DA is 0 it simply means your website is yet to be indexed.

DA is a number shows the ranking strength but not to forget DA has no authority over google ranking.

When you search something on the a search engine and you see a list of search results on the search engine ranking page (SERP) know that there are hundreds of algorithm.

Does Google Use Domain Authority?

Google does not measure DA to rank your website and no one exactly knows how google ranks your website as their algorithms are very highly confidential. 

So, we can say DA is a method used by search engine optimizers (SEO) to compare a website’s link profile to its competitors.

Google uses over 200 algorithms to judge a website and rank them. DA, on the other hand, has over 40 different parameters to measure a website’s DA.

The purpose of Google ranking is to provide the best answer possible to a customer who has a query on Google search. The intention behind this ranking is Google believes the best website can possibly answer one’s query better than the worst website in that category. 

Therefore, using DA may not fully represent a website’s strength the way Google measures it but it covers over 40 important factors to judge a website. Trust me, it is good enough.

How Can I Improve Domain Authority?

In order to improve domain authority, the first thing that you need is patience.

Yes, it is not going to jump overnight. As I have discussed earlier, DA is logarithmic, it is easy for you to jump by a few numbers if you are a new website but will gradually become harder for you to boost your domain authority.  

Facebook is about 16 years old and the DA is 96, it took them at least 10 years and hundreds of millions in investment to become where they are now.

Don’t get frustrated…

You will not need 10 years because you are not competing against Facebook. Since this is a million-dollar question I will provide you with a Billion-dollar answer.

And to do that, first I want you to know what some of the industry leaders say.

Table 1.1

MozNiel PatelVivian
1. Get more high-authority links1. Conduct a link audit1. Choose a good domain name
2. Get Fewer Spammy links2.Get high quality links2. Optimize your on-page content
3. Get more traffic driven links3. Create content your leaders will love
3. Create linkable content
4. Crack down on your SEO4. Improve your internal linking structure
5. Remove bad and toxic links
6. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly
7. Become an authority within your Niche
8. Increase the loading speed of your web pages
9. Promote your content via social media

***If you need a definition of any of these terms used by these three pundits just click on a word to be directed to the definition section and hit the BACK TO TABLE button to come right back here.

The reason why I am promoting them here because I don’t want you to find these three websites and read a total of 4 huge blogs to understand DA, and I promised to give you a billion-dollar answer.

Now let me analyze the three suggestions above. All of these three gurus suggested in their own way of improving domain authority but there is evidence of some similarities between Moz and Neil Patel.

Vivian on the other hand seems to be given suggestions for beginners as she started with “Good Domain Name”. Note that you should never change/migrate/redirect your domain name unless you really…really…E…have to.

A link audit is done by SEO tools. Almost all the SEO tools that are available in the market have this audit option. This audit is done to find spammy links or bad links or poor links that they think do not add any value to your reputation rather it hampers them.

                The purpose of your link audit is to identify spammy links and remove them. There are free chrome extensions that can do the free audit for you.

I highly recommend not using them for business purposes as they will only show you the number but will not give you any detail of them. These are some activities that can be done by experts.

                If you want to audit your links by experts contact whitehatwebmasters.

The reason behind this has been suggest by both Neil Patel and Moz because only a high authority links can increase your domain authority not a link from a spam site.

High Authority link is when some other website with a high DA score in a similar industry refers to your site through your website link.

Therefore, always try to engage with high authority websites like blogs and all in your industry or similar industry to get backlinks. It can be blog commenting, guest posting, or any other ways you can think of.  

Links that drives traffic to your website. The links can be blog posting, ad campaign, social media share and many more.

The purpose of the traffic driven links is to attract traffic towards your website from various sites through valuable content.

                The best way to create traffic driven links is blog posting, email marketing, blog commenting, and social media share. To begin with, you must know what your customers like to read or watch.

You can simply go to popular pages related to your keyword and see how they designed and what are the audiences talking about. Write down those topics and content names and make your own, a better one.

Making better content is no good when you do not share them. Spend a couple of weeks to share your posts everywhere you think may add value. Not to forget, choose domains with higher domain authority to share your post or links.

                A lot of the blogs that you go to and read may not give you a backlink. Don’t be delighted if you are able to post your link on Nail Patel’s blog because it is a no-follow comment section…ha.ha.ha…which simply means Googlebot can not read that section…so no juice for you.

                To find pages where your link will be read by Googlebot, go to Google and type

Title = commentluv enabled

                This will give you thousands of blogs where your links will be seen by Googlebot if you leave a comment.

Improve Your Internal Link-Structure:

Two of the gurus talked about internal link-structure. The internal link structure is designed to increase user-friendliness.

Links from one page to another, or links within the pages or blogs. These internal links will help users to navigate through valuable pages and it is a useful way for you to push your traffic towards pages where you want them to go.

                Google loves navigation as they improve user experience. Imagine if you are just interested in “How to improve your DA” and not interested to know the definition of DA and all that I wrote to this point. All you had to do is click on the “How do I improve my DA” in the navigation link given at the top of this page.

I also included anchor text for definitions used in the table which makes it easier for you to jump onto the definition and jump right back to the table.

All of these link structures increase your experience on my website. Make sure all these internal links are active and not broken. All these efforts will surely boost up your domain authority.

A Mobile friendly website:

A mobile-friendly website in the year 2020 is a must. The majority of the search on google takes place on mobile sites.

Having a responsive web design can help you increase domain authority and I am sure most of your competitors have a responsive website. Agencies like whitehatwebmasters will almost always develop responsive websites for their customers.

You as an owner of a website or as a developer should always ask or develop a responsive website for all devices.     


Responsive website design
Responsive website design

On-page SEO

Google cares a lot about On-page SEO so does DA. If you want to boost your google rank and DA score you need to have perfect on-page SEO.

On-page SEO includes your title tags, image alt texts, video alt text, and the content itself. “White Hat SEO: Optimize A Site Legitimately”, is one of my article that explains in detail about On-Page SEO.

                You must have all the images and videos with alt tags on your website. Bad grammar, spelling, complicated sentence structure, fewer visual elements, and complicated page structures all these will contribute to poor DA score and poor Google ranking.

                RankMath is one of the tools that help you see how your on-page SEO score is, I highly recommend using that WordPress plugin. This page scores 100/100 for example.

How Often Will Your Domain Authority Score Gets an Update?

With the new version of Domain Authority 2.0 since March 2020, there are some changes to the way domain authority ranks your website. Moz is updating their Domain Authority metrics in real-time (as Moz updated on their page), as links are recognized.

If you have noticed a big drop or jump in your domain authority score know that it is because of the new updated version of the algorithm.

What Is The Difference Between Domain Authority and Page Authority?

The difference between DA and PA is that domain authority (DA) shows score on your overall domain link profile whereas page authority (PA) shows the link profile of a particular page.

Therefore, PA is the score of a page that describes the possibility of a page to rank in the search engine results page (SERP). DA and PA both are demonstrated alongside in almost all the SEO tools for convenience.

How Long Does It Take to Improve Domain Authority?

As I have said earlier DA is logarithmic, therefore, it will take a much longer time for a website to jump from 71 to 75 than it would take to jump from 20 to 25.

There are other factors as well, if your website is new it will take forever, in the beginning, to even show your DA score.

Remember Google does not use DA or PA to rank a website and Google is constantly changing their algorithm. Therefore, Moz updates its DA algorithms. You may find a drop in your DA score even if you just ended a successful link campaign due to Moz’s update of their algorithm.

The best practice to ensure better DA is to design your website with an aim to provide better customer experience than your competitors and keep on working on the site structure.

Google Ranking or Domain Authority?

I can literally rename the title into “1 or 100” as Google’s scale of ranking is 1 to 10 and Domain authority, on the other hand, the scale is 1 to 100. So the question is whether it is more important to rank 1 on Google or having DA (Domain Authority) 80 or higher is worth more. And the magical answer is “It Depends”.

I know I disappointed you with that generic answer but trust me I will provide you enough knowledge within the next 3 minutes that you will be a pro on this topic; at least theoretically.

Imagine a business that teaches Chinese and the website is in Chinese language, located in such a location where no one in their nightmare will learn Chinese. That business will rank 1 against a local search for “Learn Chinese Near Me”.

That was not all, Google ranking may take 6 months to a year to update. Therefore, you need a better way to measure how is your website doing rather waiting for Google to update ranking.

Your business should be measured daily or at least on a weekly basis. One of the ways you can measure your website’s performance is by looking at the number of traffic and if your domain authority going higher. I used the term business because I am hoping your website is your tool to do business.

If not, I recommend you read this article two more times so you know that no one in this world publishes a website without a monetary benefit. I am sharing my knowledge here because I want you to come to my website which increases the value of it. Ups… let me go straight to the end.

Last Few Words

To conclude in a few words, I would say Domain Authority and Page Authority are not the only problems we face but these are the magical number that helps us. Helps us to fight and win against competitors and get the desired ranking on SERP.

If you are a beginner, working on your website whether it is your own agency website or an affiliate website DA and PA are the two most important factors that you look at but these two are not enough.

Read my other articles on our knowledge-base tab to learn key factors that will shape your success.

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Good Domain Name refers to a domain name that is made up of a high volume keyword or long-tail keywords.

Back-link: the incoming link from one website to your own website.

Anchor text: a hypertext that is used to jump from one section to another section within pages or somewhere on the same page.

Blog Commenting: posting a comment on someone else’s glob with your website’s URL

Guest Posting: A guest is an article or blog written by someone and posted to someones else’s website with an aim to get a high-value back-link.

Niche: in the SEO world, a niche is a product or service category that your website is designed for.

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